Mini dlna?

I’m considering loading this but am wondering if there’s a way to undo it?  Is there a way to reset the firmware?  Also would a firmware update overwrite this config?


First of all - mini dlna is just another upnp (dlna) server - as Twonky is. So there is even no issue to have both on one box.

Second removing of mini dlna should just work like any other remove of software process under Linux. Just remember that apt-get is not available on that particular issue.

The point of firmware reset is in my opinion a little bit misleading. I would understand that the firmware is completely reset, but typically just all configs are just replaced by defaults. So I do not use this anymore.

Firmware upgrades - I have not used it as well.

I understand it’s just another dlna server.  I’d be happy with Twonky if it worked 100% of the time but it does not.  I’ve installed mindlna and so far have had no issues. BTW I did install the latest version of Twonky and it was able to play all my media as well.

i guess what I was looking for was a way to set it back to factory.  The “Factory Restore” is mis-leading.  It simply restores the configuration, not the firmware.  When WD releases a new firmware that had feature updates I would most likely want it but understand that it would wipe out any customization I created.

On a side note, I don’t understand why WD makes it impossible to update Twonky or use any of its features via the gui.  I also dont like how they force Twonky to use /shares/Public.  “Public” should be a starting point but if I don’t like it I should have the ability to remove it.