Mimic Safepoint(Incremental backup) of My Cloud Mirror

I have yet to start setting up my device. All the guides and videos online do not appear to have the ability to backup the entire My Cloud Mirror. I want to configure RAID 0 for a full 8TB of storage, and intended to backup(safepoint as I am used to from my MBL & Duo) to a connected 8TB Element USB connected to the Mirror external port. Are any of the available backup options I see in the Mirror dashboard capable of doing this? Any other solutions to make full use of the Mirror and shares AND do incremental backups of the entire Mirror to it’s own external port?
Thank you

You can refer the link mentioned below to configure USB Backup on the My Cloud Mirror device.

Well, tx for taking the time…but ‘safepoint’ should have been a clue.

For NAS to USB only Copy or Synchronize are available. Auto start when connected is clearly for specific jobs such as work at home and grab those files and changes to take with to work or school, etc.

There is no ability to setup schedules to backup entire NAS(safepoint) to my 8 or 10TB USB drives as redundant backup Incrementally ONLY so as to minimize actual data transfer and wear on the drives. Using the Mirror as Raid 0 increases performance for day to day work while the intended incremental backup schedule would safeguard the days work.

I see no option to date to reliably and economically backup my entire NAS ONSITE with my existing USB desktops, as I could with my MBL Duo. I don’t know if Acronis for WD might help BUT, again posted separately the Gen2 Mirror is the only device that does not Acronis.

Currently the My Cloud Mirror as is does not even equal the much older Duo. Did you research your own link?
Thank you