Mimic MyBookLive android app to work as the Ipad version

When I run app’s on my Ipad (ex: Genius Scan), I can save the file I just scanned onto my MBL using the ‘export to’ function of Genius Scan, opening ‘MyCloud’ and specifying where I want to save the file. Great!
But when I run the same app (or others with similar export features) from my ANDROID phone, and try to save the file, ‘MyCloud’ opens but doesn’t let me save the file (in fact, if I browse to the place I’d like to store and click on the folder, I download all the files of that MBL folder into my ANDROID phone: exactly the opposite of what I want!!)

Hello there,

One of the reasons this might be happening, is the that iOS is more of a closed operating system, however you are able to copy pictures and videos from the camera roll.