Milestone Arcus - Easy way to purchase

Provide an easy way to buy Milestone Arcus Surveillance application. When I access it from India, it goes to a static page, that says the software is free, upgrade your client. After searching in the internet, I’m not alone. We are unable to use MAS due to WD’s weird pricing integration. It supposed to be free.
There is no way to activate this software and I’m not alone. All your customers are facing this. Without this feature, WD NAS device is useless to users that intend to store surveillance videos in WD NAS.

I recently bought WD EX2 Ultra to store my Surveillance feed, from my Reolink camera. I looked at the online videos before purchasing it. Milestone Arcus Surveillance system 100% fits my need.
I’m going to return it. Good luck with your products WD.