Migrating question

I’m not sure how to do this and can’t find the answer in the user manual

my laptop hard drive is too full…

I would like to take specific folders of info off of the laptop drive and put them on my new wd book 3tb usb 3.0 external drive.

then i would like to remove them from my laptop HDD to free up space.

How do i do that using the WD SMARTWARE software?

Is it ok just to drag the folders i want over to the external drive manually instead of using the SmartWare software?

Once that data is on the external drive and removed from the laptop, will the WD external see it missing from the laptop and delete it from the external?

thanks for any help

I would strongly getting a second external so you have a backup that is 2 copies. Never trust important data to just one drive internal or external. It should be fine moving manually I would not use Smartware for what you want to do.


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