Migrating data (Need access ASAP!) - Solved

I am experiencing a content migration. I need access to my files very urgently. I don’t want to hate WD for this problem.
Edit: While I am waiting for this problem, my crucial tasks are now halted…

Exactly the same thing happens to me and I already have 1 day doing the migration.

Anyone know what happens with this?

Please go through the following link



Well at least I managed to solve the crucial task, after the migration was complete. Thank you.

i require access to my data! I received no warning that i would spend 5 DAYS or longer without access to my device Don"t power down? Oh! I better hope the power doesn’t go out! Unacceptable!

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After 5 days of migration the system returned to normal.

I am really desprate 12 hours without access to my data. The drive continues with the noise but not able to see any of my data. Via web says the drive is migrating …

Western Digital take things seriously and ACT solving this problem which is affecting the whole community. I beleieve you have a serious not only techncial but legal problem here with clients so better heads up Gents.

To make things worst the portal states I have no account in WD thus unable enter in support page when in front of me I have a registration confirmation.

Unbelievable … Things happen and everybody is accountable of their mistakes but if there is something I really hate is when looks like you hide like a child and the sole action is SILENCE.

As you can notice I am very upset and concerned of loosing my data. Mind you I am ready to sue you as will not tolerate that will happen. Yorus faithfully. A modest user who live sin Argentina.


By the way the white light is blinking not constnatly on. Is that “normal” within this context

The power att home was off for a while so what w ill happen with my migration process. WIll the Drive become useless. If this was such an important move I wonder how is it possible WD didnt send a serious well published alert. Can somebody cal myself down please if even with a power off and now on again the migration or whatever process the drive is doing will sometime finish … Thanks beforehand for your sollidarity.

Everything went back to normal after about 18 hours of migrating. Unaccceptable the bad low profile WD took on this matter instead of publishing to all registered users a responsible warning about non availability because of migration or whatever happened.

WD must not understand the purpose of the device. To be able to cripple MY device without warning for 5 days or more is unbelievable. Their lack of any communication seems to say “We do it because we can!”
If this was known, I can’t believe anyone would buy the device.

Dear WD Staff,

  • What does „The firmware update database migration“ means?
  • What is migrating and from where to where.
  • Does it mean, that all my content is stored in a cloud at wd.com?
  • Why does it take so long?
  • Why is it slowing down the network and my computer as well?
  • Is it possible to disable these migrations in future? (It causes very unpleasant time delays and complications.)
  • If it can be disabled, what will it cause?
  • Is it a new feature or is it a one-time security-step for “Idontknowwhy”. Will it occure again?

Thank you. Please try to answer. Half of the Globe is curious about these questions.

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Power off here, too. Hope its not useless. :frowning:

This Problem ■■■■■.