Migrating and I restarted

my device is migrating for 2 days now, I changed its password and shuted down 2 times then I saw I shouldn’t have, did I break it? its still migrating btw.

thanks in advance

What is “migrating”? Migrating from what to what? Did you update the My Cloud firmware?

No I didn’t do anything, but now when I’m trying to access it its showing me this message “device is migrating and will return to normal operation in few minutes” for 2 days now.

What specific My cloud model do you have? Can you post a screenshot of the message you are seeing?

Its My Cloud Home Duo. for 2 days, its making noise "hard desk sound"and the light keeps blinking and not accessible form any kind of operating system or through lan or wan.

See the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home Duo where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist. This subforum (My Cloud) tends to cover the single bay, single drive My Cloud which is a completely different device than the My Cloud Home line.

tbh I thought I’m posting in my cloud home duo section…

thank you and sorry.

Thread moved to the My Cloud Home Duo board.

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