Migrate to new my passport HD

I bought new my passport HDD with extra space. I need to migrate from my old my passport to the new passport. Is there any special procedure or just need to manual copy of data?

As My Passport is a plug n play external hard drive. You can manually drag n drop data files from one My Passport to another My Passport device.

I did that but when I try to launch my WD smartware SW it mentioned that I need to upgrade to Smartware pro to be able to use the backup feature. It sees my new HDD as a non WD supported HDD. I installed the WD backup and it is taking backup but I am not sure how to merge the old smartware backup. Once more I have no option now to set how many version of the file I need to keep and other features I used to have within smartware SW. Do I need to upgrade the smartware SW I have or let it go and start using the new one.

There is no need to upgrade SmartWare into SmartWare Pro as it has gone under EOL. It is recommended to use standard version of WD SmartWare available on WD Support web site.

Thanks for the response.
The problem that the latest release from the Smartware don’t support the new my password. I have to move to WD backup SW. Now I have to start from scratch and I can’t merge the data I has on my old HD. The old hard disk has data with multiple version that are not even on my working machine now. Now I have 2 full copies and then incremental. I am not how to merge and save more than 0.5TB of space on my new disk.