Migrate servers problem

How can I skip the problem of "File Path Too Long " while trying to migrate the windows server 2016 R2 to 2019?
Note: I Use Robocopy

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Folder paths may be too long and prevent files from copying. The maximum length of a pathname is 256 characters, and includes parent directories, child directories, and the file name. To rectify this issue, you may shorten the source folder path.

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This issue happens because the file path is over 255 character, maybe you have multiple levels of subfolders, so If you have just low paths, you can just shorten the pathname, this will help, but if you have many paths like (+100 path) or if you need to keep the structure as it, you can just use long path tool or any third-party program that can handle long pathname and help you in your server migrations.
Please check this link it has a part talking about a problem similar to yours