Migrate from My cloud Home duo to My cloud EX2


I have a My cloud Home duo, and I want to buy a My Cloud EX2 without hard drives. The idea is to replace one with another, putting the hard drives from my cloud home duo to my cloud ex2.

My Cloud EX2 will detect that there is information on the hard drives, and will it guide me to assign this information to the users? Or should I copy all the information from the disks to an external disk, and then copy everything back to my cloud ex2?

Thank you

Default behavior will have the EX2 reformat the drives upon installation.

I am reluctant to comment on a HOME* duo, as I am unfamiliar with the capabilities of the associated software.

Me personally? I would put fresh drives in the EX2 and use drag-and-drop transfer. Using an external disk as an intermediary also will work.