Microsoft Windows Fail-Need Help with Drive

Long story short, a Windows update crashed my laptop, and somehow managed to erase Windows entirely from the computer! MS tech support talked me through a “reboot from another device”, which I was instructed to download the Windows reboot onto my 4TB external hard drive. I was told I “might” lose my files on the drive, and as I was using a tablet to download Windows, I didn’t have enough space to transfer my files. Well, I had to have the laptop up, so I went ahead and did it. Sure enough, Windows download erased my stored files. I can recover a lot of them, it’ll just take time.

However, I’ve noticed that my 4TB hard drive now only has 31GB available on it, even after a reformat. I know it should have way more than that. I have my original receipt (purchased 8-2015), but when I try to get warranty information, it asks me for a serial number, which my receipt does not give me. It also instructs me to look in “My Settings” on the User Interface, and I don’t know what that is. Can anyone help me?


Can you please check how is the drive showing under disk management?