Microsoft or WD? One of them is ruining my WD drive!

Microsoft or WD? One of them is ruining my WD Internal drive!

Microsoft’s ruining my WD Internal drive! At least, I’m assuming it’s MS. It could be Western Digital that’s doing it?

The issue:

My WD HDD “activity” led flashes once-per-second as long as my computer is on. And, that happens even if I’m not logged into my user account.

That is wearing-out my HDD faster than it should!

I just had to buy a brand new WD HDD (WD5003AZEX) because the one I had (which was also WD, and was only 1-1/2yrs old) died suddenly.

I need advice:

What is causing the incessant disk activity? How do I prevent it?

If it’s software (Microsoft’s or Western Digital’s), please advise me on which software it is, or could be, and whether or not I can disable or remove such software. I’ve tried stopping Microsoft’s “Search Indexer” but it scrambled my system, and I had to restore my system to an earlier date! If “indexing” is causing the problem, then will you please advise me on the correct procedure to disable/remove the indexing function? If it’s a WD “feature,” please tell me how to stop that.

I do not want to burn-up another HDD due to this constant, unnecessary disk activity.

Hi I had that problem running windows 7 and i tried everything one day just for the heck of it I unpluged the dvdrw drive the flashing light stopped it was a compatabilty problem with the dvdrw drive give it a try.

Hammey, your suggestion worked!!! The diode is no longer flashing , which means that my HDD is no longer spinning uselessly, 18 hrs per day, 7 days per week! I’ll bet it stays much cooler, too.

I did it a bit differently than you did. I didn’t want to open the computer case, since it is not located conveniently.

– Went into Device Manager

– Right-clicked on the DVD drive and selected Properties.

– Selected “Disable”

– Shut down my computer, and did a ‘cold boot.’

– It worked! Now, I can easily turn it back on by re-enabling it in Device Manager.

Now, I’m wondering why Windows7 Pro didn’t recognize the incompatibility? (I not really surprised, since it’s Microsoft!). I have never seen any reference to an issue related to the DVD drive in any of my Windows’ tests and logs, etc. Hmmm?

The CD/DVD/RW drive I purchased from is: DVD BURNER LITE-ON, Newegg’s Item#: 27-106-289, Model: IHAS124-O4 % (at least, that’s how it’s written on the invoice). I’m mentioning this so that anybody else who considers this particular drive might choose to avoid this one.

Hammey, by any chance can you suggest a good, yet reasonably affordable replacement? I want something fully-compatible with Windows7 Pro 64-bit, dependable, and one that has no difficulty reading/writing in various common formats. Your suggestion will be appreciated, greatly!

Thank you again for your excellent suggestion. I’ll mark your suggestion as “Solved/Selected as Solution”.

Hi yes mine was a bdrw drive I got it for free on a promotion hehe great prize. I only use external drives now they have a switch to turn on and off and no heat inside the pc from it and they don’t use the computer psu for power. Also with a internal drive if you watch a movie the hd light goes on and off with a external that does not happen. Any external or internal that is made by TSST corp are ok they manufacture for lacie my fav and samsung plus a few others the lg drives are cheap poor drives but it depends on how much you use it.