Microsoft Media Player - Play to

I have 2 different laptops, mine running win7 and my wife’s running vista.  I turned on my laptop after installing the WD TV Live Plus on my LAN and my computer asked me a few questions that were so generally intuitive I can’t even tell you what they were, I just asnwered the questions it asked and *poof* I had the option to Play to…WD TV Live from my machine.  I went to my wife’s laptop to do the same thing and not only is it not asking questions but I’ve dug pretty deep trying to figure out why it won’t give her the play to… option with no luck.  Anyone know of a general guide/step-by-step to configure?  I also noticed my XP box doesn’t seem to want to play nice with it either but I haven’t beat on it much yet.

It’s Win7 only that will do the “play to”, no other versions of Windows have this feature.