Microsoft Access 2010 multi user

I work for a museum and historical society. We have a microsoft access 2010 database that stores all of the artifacts housed in the museum. I have recently begun looking for ways to make it so multiple users can access this at the same time and from different locations.

I was wondering if the my cloud would work for this, and if anyone has had any experiance with it?

I have not work with Access in years but i suspect it does not support multi user access, they may have a valid upgrade path to SQLServer. If Access support multiuser access it can be done.

the datafiles could be placed on a drive mapped to the MyCloud and accessed one user at a time. Depending on the size of the DB this could be very slow as even a 1Gbps Ethernet is way slower then a local hard drive.

How many users? How big is the DB? Any images or documents in the DB?