microSD Card with BerryBoot now available separately!

Because people have been asking, a 4GB microSD card (preloaded with the special WDLabs version of BerryBoot) is now available for purchase!

A unique software solution for new users. Preloaded SD card with a special WDLabs BerryBoot version includes additional Raspberry Pi applications specific for HDD storage usage. BerryBoot is a simple operating system installer (open-source software) and boot selection screen for ARM devices, like Raspberry Pi, to create a cleaner plug and play experience. It allows you to install multiple applications directly to the drive.

This product is currently only available in the US, but will soon be available in the UK!

Check it out here:

The link no longer works and I don’t find it on the WD Labs product page. Is it still available?



Welcome to the WD Community, @Frank_Billingham!

Unfortunately, if the product is no longer on our website it’s most probably not available anymore. :frowning:
However, I’d recommend you check the WDLabs Downloads & Documentation page where all the assembly guides and downloads are listed.

Hope it helps you. Keep us posted if you have more questions. :slight_smile: