Micro SD & New SanDisk ImageMate Pro USB 3.0 Reader

The compatibility page does not list this particular reader. B&H says this is a new product. It has a specific slot for a micro SD card so it does not have to insert first into the larger carrier frame. Does anyone know if a micro SD card plugged into this reader - ImageMate Pro USB 3.0 - will work (be compatible) with the WD Passports?

What do you mean by "is this reader compatible with a WD passport?

The passport is a portable HDD that connect via USB to a computer as a Mass Storage Class (MSC) device. The card reader is basically the same thing. It allows you to connect memory cards to a computer and they will mount as an MSC device.

If you are asking can both the card reader and passport be connected to the some computer? then the answer is yes.

If you are asking if the card reader can be connected directly to a passport the answer is no.

I was asking (assuming the SD card reader built into the WD MyPassport could not read the brand/model SD card I have) if the ImageMate Pro USB 3.0 would work when plugged into the WD MyPassport USB 3 slot, for reading and then transferring the data on the SD card (plugged into the ImageMate Pro) to the WD MyPassport.