MHC Android app won't let open text files?

Hello team!
I write to you because I can’t seem to open any of my regular DOC files on my phone app. I get a menu of apps to open the DOC format but non of it is a text processor (I have many installed, even Word itself).
There must be a way to fix this non-sense situation.
Thanks for your valuable time

DOC file can be open in App but you can try to use 3rd party application required to read or open TEXT file in My Cloud Home Mobile app. You can refer below article to know about the 3rd party application compatible to use with TEXT file:

Hello! Thanks for your answer. Actually I really CAN’T open any word or excel file located in My Cloud Home. As I showed on the first post, with a picture, Android gives me a menu of 12 apps to open it, but non of them are text or calcule apps.
The link you just provided only says that 3rd party apps can be used, but doesn’t offer any explanation on configuration.