Method to share partial content - Correct way?

I have created a share by my name in MyCloud and have uploaded all the folders there. Now if I have to create users and grant them specific access to only some of the folders in my share, do I have to copy them to their share and only then they can access or is there any way I can grant them access to specific folders in my share?
If that be so then there are some users I only want to access my movies and others only songs. Will that entail I have to make separate shares named movies and songs and grant access to each user accordingly?

You can’t apply user access at any level lower than a Share.

The only method I can think of is to create a ‘shared Share’, giving access to users.

Bear in mind that DLNA ignores access controls, so if you enable media serving on a share, any user can access it with a DLNA client.

Thanks. DLNA thing is an important tip. Coming to your comment about using Kodi on Minix. I have XBMC preinstalled on it which is more or less same as Kodi. When I select browse to add a UPnP device it shows me the My Cloud but the contents are not in the way they are laid out in My cloud. I mean it does not show me the folders etc but separates them as Artists etc… I then selected Windows SMB. This showed me the way I wanted. Is this the way you recommend?

XBMC was renamed to Kodi some time ago, so installing Kodi will give you the latest code.

Accessing via ‘Windows SMB’ will allow you to use various artwork scrapers, giving a prettier experience. You get a direct file server connection, too, rather than indirect via the DLNA server. And allows you to keep access control (although not on a per-play basis).

That’s typical of a DLNA client, showing the different metadata views. You can select the ‘By Folder’ view. Bubble behaves the same.

Yes though the most important thing is that it lists it in exactly the same form as the way it is copied in the NAS. Eg in NAS I have saved songs by Artists and some mixed albums. SMB lets me see them the way I have saved and not sorting under various heads. So in that manner it is more suitable. But then the aspect that DLNA or SMB can see all folders is not something acceptable. Anything to stop that?

Yup got that… needs more clicks though :slight_smile:

The Twonky DLNA media server within the My Cloud will read certain metadata tags (title, album name, track number, etc.) within a media file and the DLNA client you use may sort media based on that metadata tagging. One solution if your having problems with audio tracks being out of order is to make sure the audio file name is correctly named. Usually naming a audio track file name with leading numbers; 01 xyz.mp3, 02 xyz.mp3, 03 xyz.mp3, etc. typically solves this issue.

One can use any number of media taggers to add, edit, change, fix metadata tagging on media files. MP3Tag ( and Media Monky ( are two popular software programs for editing/creating metadata on media files.

As above; nothing you can do about DLNA. But if you partition your file system by access, one share per ‘access level’, you can use password protection when connecting clients via SMB. You’d have to connect to each access share.

Thank you Bennor and cpt_paranoi for the patience. You guys have been a great help. Will look forward to clarifying many such doubts on the way.