Metathumbs wont change

so recently i changed my looney tunes metathumbs from this

to this

when i look on my wd tv live hub it still shows the first metathumb not new one. why???

this is what my files on my macbook pro retina look



someone please help i know file shows .metathumb.jpg i typed .metathumb but .jpg comes up at the end of .metathumb why wont my new cover art show???

Did you do a full reboot of the HUB? Thumbnails are often cached, so if there is an exisiting one, it seems to stay in use untill the HUB is completely shut down (hold down red power button on remote for 5 seconds), and brought back up again. Putting it into standby mode may not work.


and this will work?

nav, go into your hub thumbs folder and delete the thumbs associated with that file…reboot and done

nav05 wrote:

and this will work?

It’s rebooting. Not much to lose in giving it a shot. Your are not resetting any of your customization or deleting anything. It would be like unplugging the box


thanks guys worked 

not thread jumping, but here is the thumb  I made for my looney tunes collection using Thumbgen incase you would like to use it


thanks but I found a new one !folder.jpg