Metainfo content for music

First, I must say that my music library is sorted that way:

-Folder for the artist

–Sub-Folders inside the artist for the albums

so it looks that way:

-Pink Floyd

– Dark Side of the moon

– Wish you were here

– Etc

Also, my library is tagged correctly (with IDTag) and display in a perfect order in iTunes (with my iPad, iPhone, etc)

I was under the impression that they would show the same way with the WTDV Live Hub but sadly, no! My sort order is correctly set, as I see the artists, and if I select that artist, I see its albums, etc

But, for a reason that I ignore, some artists are not sorted correctly with the Hub.

Example: I have 6 albums for a specific artist. Four of them are regrouped within a certain place and the two other ones are at a different place.

I use the latest firmware. My movies are stored on a NAS and I have no Sync with the Hub.

How do the tags work with the Hub?

My bad! I had to use the folder sort instead of by artist. Everything is ok now. Forget about this one.

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