Metadata Tag from DLNA to be used on Samsung TV are incorrect

I have consumed most of the live cells to resolve my issue with the metadata tags. For some reason, the metadata tags including the movie graphics will not show up on the Samsung. I believe I have done everything correctly. I am using MetaX to update the tags. When I review them on the MS File Explorer. Everything seems to be OK. But I review them on the Samsung TV with data coming from my WD Personal Cloud, everything seems to be very confused. The problems I have are as follows:

  1. Movie graphics are arbitrary. For most of the movies, the graphics of the first move on the list is replicated rather than the actual graphics of the movie.
  2. Some movies start immediately while other take a long time and some never come up.
  3. Other tags don’t show up at all

The interesting thing is that I have another Samsung TV about 6 years old can at least play all movies without a problem.

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. It would be a shame not to be able to use the WD Personal Cloud for stream movies instead carrying around a bunch of DVDs around. Appreciate any response.

If you search through this subforum you’ll see that Samsung TV’s seem to have problems with the Twonky Media Server embedded within the My Cloud. Before doing anything see the following thread. It has much info on how to use the Twonky server to its fullest and fix some issues that may crop up. In particular see the section on checking the Twonky admin screen to ensure the proper media client.

Next use an alternate media tagging program to see how the tags are being displayed. There are only a few basic tags within the media file that Twonky will read and utilize. I use a combination of MediaMonkey and Mp3Tag to tag my video files. I mostly use Mp3Tag when tagging one file but use MediaMonkey to tag several files quickly then clean up those files with Mp3Tag.

Typically problems with metadata tends to be the fault of how the file was tagged and which fields one used to contain the metadata.

Well… I finally gave up on the tags. I put all of my movies on a portable diskdrive (WD) and taped it in the back of my Samsung TV and connected it to the TV using the USB. So much for all that functionality we pay for that does not seem to work.

My goal was to work it off my WD EX2 as a server available to all TV’s in the house. I guess we will have to wait for a while.

Given that you reported that had an older Samsung TV that worked perfectly, that pointed very strongly to the problem being with the DLNA client of the newer Samsung TV. And not a fault of the your files, their metadata, the MyCloud or its Twonky server.

I’m convinced that there is something wrong with the DLNA client of the 2016 Samsung TVs. See my thread on issues with video streaming stopping after 20-30 minutes with “serve disconnected” error (when in fact none of the devices have disconnected).

yup… It does not work on the newer versions of Samsung. It worked on my older Samsung. I ended up sticking a WD Driver behind the TV and using the USB connection, That seems to be the only reliable way. Very disappointed with Samsung after spending that kind of money relying on old school techniques.

But that means you cannot directly download onto it I guess…