Metadata JPG and their Sizing

Okay, it seems that any size JPG will work perfectly when used as a folder.jpg (using it to make a folder into a cover on the hub)

But i have quite a few TV Metadata jpg covers, and a few movie covers that are the exact same as the name as follows

The Office S06E01.MKV

The Office S06E01.JPG

The Bank Job.MKV
The Bank Job.JPG

And for some reason these jpg’s which arent any abnormally large files (size or dimension wise)

they show up fine as the folder.jpg

but when used as a cover for the individual file, it zoooooms waaay in on the jpg to where i only see a small part of the jpg but zoomed way in

Has this occured to anyone else, does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it/?

its just that the hub when displaying the cover in gallery view won’t scale the the thumbnail to the specific dimensions.

The thumbnail/cover will show up zoomed and as if crop.

A modification needs to be done on the theme you are using…