Metadata for TV shows

New question that hopefully someone here can help with.

When I go to get metadata for the TV shows I have ripped onto my NAS, my device won’t do it, because it looks like it  is only searching through the movie metadata database.  I do have the TV show metadata database set up in my settings already.

How do I force the player to recognize that the file I want metadata from is a TV Show and not a movie?  Do I need to relabel the file from the source – ArrestedDevelopment.S01.E01, for example – first?  Or can I just put that same phrase in the search after it fails to find the metadata the first time?

When I do perform a search (after the failed first attempt) and use “Arrested Development” (in this case), I do get metadata for the show in general, not the episode specifically; so if I do this for each episode, won’t I get the same general show metadata for each one?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No.   It’s showing that it found the show.   Once you say OK to the show, it will attach the specific Season / Episode details.