Metadata folder structure question

Hi! I just bought me a brand new wd TV live and I’m very happy with it.

I have a question about folder structure; I’m accessing my movies via networkshare off an external hard drive that is connected to my PC, my question is: what is the correct folder structure I should use for metadata e.g…

 C:\movies\tron folder\tron.avi


C:\movies\all movie in one folder


I am having some difficuly understanding you question completely, but if you are asking if all your movies can be one folder, they can, or you can put stuff in multi-folders and subfolders, too.  For example, my DVD ISO movies are in one main folder, my blu-ray MKV files are in the blu-ray folder. My home videos are in another folder.  It doesn’t need to be complicated at all.

that’s exactly what i wanted to know if could put my movies all in one folder or subfolder. I have all my movies in subfolders but i don’t like that when i’m browsing my movies on my wdtv it shows the thumbnail but it doesn’t show the movie info, i have to click on the movie if want to see the info

I have a 1TB WD USB drive and I have folders like this…












and I have the library turned off and when I want to watch anything on the HD I go to the Files tab and I can see it all.

so when you’re browsing your movies it shows the info? you don’t have to click on the movie to see the info?

i will try sorting my movies by genre like you and see if that does the trick.

thanks for the help