Meta Info Settings For Music

I have looked this over for a couple of weeks and can’t seem to find anything on it.  Here are my questions:

     What ID3 version is best to use?

     What MP3/FLAC version encode is best to use?

     What is the maximum size of the above files that can be used?

     Is there a maximum/minimum image size that can be used in the embedding?

     What is the scraper actually sending when it sends data to Freebase or wherever?

     Is there a specific naming structure that needs to be used in the naming of the artist/album/track


I have tried every combo of ID3/FLAC tag version for each of the following file types (mp3/flac/wma/alac/ogg) (some of those aren’t even seen by the system apparently) and still the get content info doesn’t bring anything back.  On the manual get info searches I have done I have even tried to search for a single letter/number and still have rcvd nothing back except that search has found nothing.

     No Content Info Found From The Online Database.

     Please Change The Search Term And Try Again.

I am not using a NAS or Share of any type.  The music is resting comfortably on the Hub itself.  I have tried this with a NAS and a network share and still I get the same no joy result.

I have verified that I am online successfully.

I am using the WDTV Live Hub with software version:  3.08.14

The ripping and encoding has been performed on Win (7), Mac (10.7) & Linux (12.10 Ubuntu) machines.

The software involved have been EAC, XLD and Ruby.

The ID3 Tag editor software has been mp3Tag, ITunes and EasyTag

Now, I have seen in several posts here that some things no longer work correctly from time to time depending on software version etc.  So there is that possibility.  However, this leads me to my next question:

     If this is an issue with this particular software version, is there a Known Issues area where we

          can check before we waste time trying to troubleshoot an issue like this?

Thank You All for your time!


Hi, check if some of the links below help.