Meta info not showing outside of folder

 I’ve got access to a windows computer, so I’ve been going through with thumbgen, trying to add information, etc. I’m still learning, but this is fun. 

 One thing I can’t figure out is how to get the meta/imdb info to show while browsing movies. If I click on the movie folder, it shows it once I’m inside where the .xml or .nfo file is at. Why won’t it show like it is in the image below (I’m using this awesome theme as well). That info is showing, but only once I go inside the folder. Sorry for the super newb question, just confusing. Also, does it HAVE to be an XML file created by the wdtv itself, or will an nfo created by thumbgen work the same?

Metadata does not display for folders.

That picture is not using individual folders for each individual movie.

eg. most people have a “genre” folder where all the movies and xml’s reside in.

Yes, it has to be XML 

In Thumbgen select this option

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 So the only way it work like in the image I supplied would be to have the xml and the movie file together? How does one have all the extra stuff as well saved? Do people have a folder with like 7 files per movie, with 50 movies in there? I guess they’re all named the same thing, so it would stay somewhat organized…

Extra stuff ?  Remember “Titan” theme you don’t have to use Thumbgen to generate xmls and covers … just use the WDTV SMP built in scraper which will give you 2 files (xml and metathumb)

The SMP will display backdrops in Gallery View when using the inbuilt scraper.


Thor the Dark World.mkv

Thor the Dark World.metathumb

Thor the Dark World.xml

If you want “Locally Stored” Moviesheets … then yes, use thumbgen (and yes, there will be extra files)

How you organize your movies is a personal decision.

Most people have “genre” folders…


ACTION     (place all your action movies + xml’s + thumbnails in here)

COMEDY  (place all your comedy movies + xml’s + thumbnails in here)

SCI-FI   (place all your sci-fi movies + xml’s + thumbnails in here)

Me personally, i just have One folder named “MOVIES” and put all my files (mkv,mp4,xml,jpg) in there.