Meta data for documentaries

I am able to get metedata for normal TV shows, but documentaries have been a problem.

One example is National Geographics Documentaries : Secret Lives of the Apostles.

TVDB shows is as season 2012 episode 53. I have tried a number of combintions in the file name, but nothing works.

Anyone been able to solve this?

Not the answer you are looking for, but I have had to manually make the metadata for several documentaries or odd TV shows that I have. I essentialy make a tv or movie sheet in Thumbgen, and then enter all the data I can find from the Internet, cover, backdrop etc, and then copy stuff either from IMDB, or amazon, wikipedia etc. Fill in all the fields and then save it. Takes a long time but when that’s my only option, I go with it.


You could sign up to the tvdb and add the data you want.

Some detail and pictures here

The root of the issue is that TVDB doesn’t enforce strict datatyping and adherence to published schemata.

There’s a handful of series that people have contributed that use the YEAR number instead of a consecutive SEASON number, as the database instructs.

The TVDB proprieters often get seriously bent out of shape when they’re called out on it, too.

2012 is *NOT* a Season Number, it’s a production year, but that doesn’t stop people at TVDB from using that format anyway.

In the case of National Geographic Explorer, IMDB correctly identifies season numbers, but not TVDB…

Such is life with Open Source contribution.