Messages in Journal of MyCloud Mirror Gen 2

I add information I’ve made but I forget to mention in my previous topic.

In the journal of a MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 there were several times the message “Power Loss on port 1”. What is the meaning of this message?

Another question. In the router DHCP is activated. A dedicated IP address is assigned associated to the MAC Address. This works fine for all the WD NAS connected to the LAN but one a MyCloud Mirror Gen 2, which is assigned an IP address in the DHCP range but not the reserved IP address linked to the MAC address, however the router displays its actual MAC address. There is no misspelling of the MAC address in the table of reserved IP addresses.

Hello there,

Try to set the static IP on the unit itself to see if this helps, also you can try to reset the device to see if this helps as well, here is a link that might help you with this process: