Message on screen after completing backup: *Partial backup accomplished*

I’m using a Western Digital *MY PASSPORT*  Version:

When I do a backup on one computer (an older Dell with Windows 7) I get a complete backup, however when I back up my newer Sony Vaio Touch Screen running Windows 7  I get the message *Partial Backup Accomplished* and when I check to see what was backed up I see:

Data for Backup - 99,864 files

Data Backed Up - 99,860 files

I’ve checked each section to be back up - i.e. documents, pictures, mail, movies, music etc and they all seem to have been backed up

What isn’t my device backing up?


apparently at the moment those files where to be backed up where in use by other software, maybe by shuting down the process for the software and restarting the computer you may be able to get it, otherwise i would recommed to contact wd support

THANKS moon1 - I’ll give that a try as it sounds like a possible reason for the message.  I’ll try this tonight after I’m done for the day - shut down and then start computer up again and connect my WD backup device.  I’ll come back and let you know if this works.


okay moon1 - I shut down and restarted - backup running - still getting message *partial backup accomplished* - this time just 1 file difference between the data for back up and the data backed up.

i can’t figure out what file it might be - I’ve looked at all the backed up files and everything seems to be there.

Anyone else have a suggestion ?  Should I be concerned? 

I am also getting same message Partical backup complete.  There is a file count diff in two cats. Pictures and Movies.

Can not figure out why and how to fix this.  Anyone with help.

Hi People,

I am also getting the “partial backup” message. Not only that when I finally get a complete backup (occasionally) i.e. Music data to be backed up 6.9GB 1452 files and Music data backed up 6.9GB  1452 files and everything looks ok after a few (?? how many ) hours the files in both columns seem to disappear and both show 527MB 36 files.I am sure that some of my other file categories are misbehaving but this one is the most obvious. I am running WDSW v1.5.1.6 with firmware v2.018 and my NET etc is all up to date.

I need an answer to this as it is driving me mad. Its difficult to remember but I think that it all started with the upgrade although I have repeated the process after uninstalling the old download. Please don’t advise me to contact WD Support as I have not heard from them since I got an acknowledgement on the 2308 although I have sent them several updates on my lack of progress.

The WD Smartware is behaving like malware