Message "cannot connect USB" pops up on startup?

I have a single drive Mycloud device…couple quick questions I’m sure should be simple answers.
#1 every time I start up or restart my computer I get a message which says something to the effect of “MyCloud cannot connect USB device”…but I don’t have a USB device plugged into my cloud drive? how do i fix this?
#2 I periodically keep getting a message (I believe its usually on restarts as well) telling me that Mycloud restored my factory settings…This is without me doing anything on the computer or to the drive itself…is this normal or should I be concerned when it continually keeps doing this?
Your help is appreciated :slight_smile:

What My Cloud software do you have installed on your local computer? Certain WD software will report the alert/notification messages that are generated by the My Cloud. You can access the My Cloud Dashboard and select the Alert/Notification icon and clear any alerts or notifications messages.