Merging Shares / File Explorer for SSH?

So I’ve got a MBL, no tweaks aside from opening SSH and installing the Package Manager. Now, I’ve been trying to find a way to quickly move files from within the device from one share to another. Doing this through windows takes hours just for a few GB. I’m confident you can do Copy/Move commands through SSH, and I recall seeing folders which might have been related to the share names, my goal at this point is I wish a way to easily move content without having to go through a third point of transfer, making it simply point to point from within the device, as if you were to move things from one folder to another on a windows computer, it takes substantially less time than it would to move from one drive to another. Same thing. I was curious if anyone knows of a way to set up a file explorer (Much like opening the network share through windows) but with SSH? In hopes to enable the commands within to process the requests rather than Windows being the one sending the commands. I regret making more than one share at this point, and if this type of thing isn’t possible, or would be waaaaay to much work, would it be possible to simply merge shares? Say copy the ‘Folder’ holding the content of Share2 and just move it through an SSH command into Share1, without having to wait a day (What it said for a 12GB file) for it to transfer. Or if you have any other ideas as to what may be causing the massive slow down. Due to this issue, it’s next to impossible to move the files to another storage device and keep my own sanity.

I’ve already got PuTTY set up, and SSH/Packages ready to deploy. My original ideas was to get this thing running with Transmission to simply make it a content download server. Any suggestions are appreciated!

I have not seen his before and I would like to know as well. It would make managing data on both the MBL and MBLD a breeze.

Not sure if this has copy/move commands, but you can find out…

The reason it is slow, if using file explorer, it will depend if you stay within a share or not. If you do not, it will copy as:

MBL share -> PC -> MBL share.

Otherwise, the only option I can think of… Drum roll… “Command Line”. This can be done VERY easily via Putty. It is always fun to learn something new!!!

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Thanks a ton! Webmin sounds amazing, however I’m having trouble getting it to install (I’m already incredibly new to Linux). So I’ve gotten it downloaded, extracted, the folder opened and running the setup script, it says to go with defaults for them, the first two (File directories) are okay however when I get to file path for perl it freaks out. So I found my perl directory and saw it had version numbers appended on the end. I did also find a folder labeled just perl, though both give me the issue of: "

Can’t open perl script “/root/”: No such file or directory
ERROR: Failed to create or check temp files directory /tmp/.webmin "

Of course I am under Root login. Ideas?


Thanks for the suggestion, never got it to work, however! I did get a reply on another fourm. I feel this should be something that’s easily available to anyone who searches. :

The relpy leads to downloading WinSCP, using it’s connection to simply move the shares in the exact way I had in mind. Perfect, truly perfect, I described my action for security in the last post.