Menus with pixelation

I noticed this a couple months ago and thought it would go away with a firmware update but no luck.  On the menus, I get this weird lines and dots through.  This is present while using both HDMI and and component outputs.  I have tried different resolutions, 8 bit and 12 bit color modes, restoring factory settings, etc.  Nothing changes.  Any ideas?

Also, it’s just the menus - video looks perfectly fine.  But  pictures look really bad.

I can’t make anything out on your pics but it’sa known bug that the Live shows aliasing on the background gradient of the menus since day one over composite.

Thanks for your response.  I am not using composite - HDMI & Component.  Hopefully you can see the pics now?

I think you have a damaged box.  I’m thinking you should call WD for an RMA.   

The backgrounds and icons are corrupt, but the text (which is rendered) is fine.  That’s just flat weird.   

Is it also visible on other tvs/monitors? If yes, it’s definately faulty hardware, if not it could be some “post production” of your TV which maybe has some settings for a better picture and stuff.

the usb on the left side…just next to it is a reset button.use a paper clip to reset it.make sure when u reset it you are on the main menu of wdtv and no video is playing.also make sure no usb is connected.after u reset it update it to the latest firmware.

thanks everyone for your responses.  Yes, the problem is present on other monitors.  RMA I guess will be my next option if Tejas plan doesn’t work.  

Tejas, is this a guess?  Or, have you had this same problem?

I have done the reset button, but not in exactly the manner you have suggested.  I’ll try it again.

no dice - looks like I’m RMA bound unless anyone has any other suggestions?

do it like i said exactly…99% the problem should be solved.and after resetting upgrade to latest firmware even if u hav the latest one overwrite it.

Tejas, you can’t do that unless you hack the firmware files.

If the Firmware files on the USB match the encoded version that’s already loaded, it will be ignored.  

Tejas - procedure was done as per your precise instructions - it did not work. 

Like I asked before, has this worked for you - did you have the same problem?  Or, are you just shooting in the dark?

skimpot i had the same issue but it was resolved.i was asked to downgrade the firmware and rest it and upgrade it again.

interesting. Not to sound like a smart **bleep** - but I don’t think you mentioned the “downgrade” part in your instructions.  Perhaps this was key flaw in why it didn’t work for me.  I’m not sure I even want to mess with it any further, though. WD has "Advance RMA’ which is outstanding - so I don’t have to be without my unit at all - they just send me a new one and then I send my unit back.  Pretty cool.

Thank you for your help. Hopefully it will help someoone else in the future.

RMA would have been my recommendation as well.