Menu on home authored DVD isos not working

I cannot get the menu and chapters on my home authored DVDs to work, it is DV movie made in Pinnacle Studio (latest 2-3 releases) and also PowerDirector. I can play the iso itself by using the preview window and making it fullscreen (menu and chapters do not work here), but when selecting the ISO nothing happens. 

Other isos are working fine from what I have seen.

Do you have any compatability issues with Pinnacle and PowerDirector?

Many years ago, I used to author DVDs. The main reason was that DVD blanks and HDDs were rather expensive, and I wanted to fill the DVD blanks completeley. Since I use HDDs, I have completely given up authoring and burning DVDs. Instead, I give the movies a meaningful name. It saves time and the trouble with compatibility issues of the menus.

What happens if you copy the contents of the DVD, and not the ISO, and you play the first VOB that contains the menu?

I just copied the last of my Home DVDs over to my NAS a few weeks ago.   They were all made with Pinnacle NINE, I believe, and the menus all function normally.

I do have Pinnacle 12 now, but I’ve never authored a Menu-based DVD with it.   Another person here posted very similar comments to yours, that Pin12 didn’t work.   It sounds like Pinnacle creates the menus in a way that the WD doesn’t like.

As to whose fault that is, it’s hard to say…   I’ve NEVER had an issue with a COMMERCIAL DVD, but there’s problems with DVD-Recorder menus and Pinnacle Menus…   It sounds like those devices create menus in a different way than the production studios do, which implies they’re being loose with the standards.

But, then, hardware DVD players may have no problems with those Menus, which means that different PLAYERs are more or less sensitive to authoring variabilities…

Well I distribute them to family and they have DVD-players while I just use the iso on a NAS an play through HTPC and now WD.

I have previously had no problem running them in MediaPortal, XBMC, PowerDVD etc etc, this is the first time problems occur.

DVD menu is one thing but as not even chapters work I find it very strange…