Menu / Filename Font Size - Elements Play

Our Elements play is used mostly in the bedroom so not on a big screen.

Does anyone know how to change the Menu / File font size as it is so small and can be really difficult to read without getting out of bed and getting up close to the TV - A real pain!

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I have it in the bedroom too so it is connected to a small screen too. It would make it easier to read if the font size was larger.

I think Menu Menu Font is the only bad thing in that product

frankly about the WD component Play is really not at fault there are tons will require anupdate you can do anything more is really very limited option
I regret having to buy

Am very happy with mine.  I still only have the menu font size issue.

Pearce, every customer that has spent money on this garbage has the right to complain. A forum exist to exchange opinions, and complains are as valid as praises. You can find this player the best on its league and I’m glad for you, but it has A LOT of issues and errors which could be solved IF people complains and WD listens (which is not happening).

Be respectful to others and others will be respectful to you.


More than happy to be respectful to other peoples opinions but just calling it garbage doesnt help and offers nothing in the way of asking for something to be fixed / updated.

Surely its better to list some of the issue you have / would like fixed than just calling it garbage?