Memory question

This is primarily addressed to users that have opened their MyCloud devices.

Does anyone no if the memory is on the main board? Or in some module that could be upgraded? Or a free memory slot that could be used?

I have been looking at the issues with this device and at least on the v4 firmware the paging from the memory shortage appears to be the main issue. I did not look at the paging while on v3.

Here is a link with information and images showing a 2TB WD My Cloud.

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cat0w (USA)

it looks like they allowed for a design change an adding a 2nd memory chip at WD but not aftermarket

it does look like there are some connectors on the back side of the board, I doubt memory but curious what they are

There is no pinouts for 2nd memory chip.

* DDR-III Samsung 256MB module

* 256KB Flash chip with bootloader (Kernel and others stored in HDD) - Possible to replace with another SPI flash chip with bigger size (8MB - For bootloader, kernel and RAM-FS)