Memory problem with my WD passport


i have a 500 GB WD passport which is not synced to the computer (e.g i use it as a simple memory device and copy the files i want manually).

when i check the memory use it shows me that i am using about 250 GB, but when i try to add some files it keeps telling me the there is no free space.

any idea how to fix it? (i searched all hidden files and folders and found nothing…)

Hi there, what file system is that drive and what size is the file you try to copy? You can also check the permissions by right-clicking the drive> properties> security and see if they are in order.

hi, it’s a WD5000bmv, i am not sure i know what you mean by “what file system”…

in the past i have copied big files to the WD with no problem (10GB files).

the thing is that it shows me that there is no free space, while if i check the free memory through properties i see it’s only half fool…


What OS are you using? Basically we need to know if the external is formatted for Windows or Mac.


The file system is FAT32, still can’t copy big files (tried to defragment it…)