MEMORY LEAK - Is my Passport Elite/WD Smartware the Cause?

For some time now I have been noticing my computer starting to lag, run slow. In the past months it has at times completely froze up on me; causing me to reboot to gain access to my computer functions. After numerous scans for viruses etc (none found) -  we have found a huge memory leak to be happening and have since been searching for the culprit. It appears that WD Smartware could be the cause and I have deleted it to see what happens. Since doing so my computer is running perfect. I did find some info online referring to this issue; how it slowly grows and **bleep** up more and more of your memory over time. Can you lend any info on this issue? If indeed, my passport software is the cause do you have a cure for it or is the money I spent to have a backup system now going to be wasted because it renders my computer useless?

What version of Smartware are you running?