Memeo corrupts My Music with PDL files

My Music files, backed up by Memeo to my MyBook EHD, contain dozens of useless PDL files I can’t open.  What software does WD recommend that will backup all recent activity on my PC to my EHD automatically without this problem?



Try removing the software and reinstall again from the WD website. Otherwise you could use another backup software such as Windows Backup or Norton 360.

As you suggested, I uninstalled and re-installed the Memeo.  Then I backed up everything again.  Out of several thousand My Music files in mp3 and wav, I still have maybe 30 or 40 ptl files that won’t open.  This is less than before I re-installed. There are no pdf files in My Music.  They occur only on my two WD EHDs.  Each ptl file is apparently a good file from My Music on my internal hard drive that was corrupted when it was automatically backed up by the Memeo Instant Backup software.  Should I dump Memeo and try the Windows Backup or Norton 360?  Which one do you feel would be best for me, whether I have a total PC crash or just want to restore one or a few files? 

Best Regards, delta

Oooops!  Change pdf to ptl in the fifth sentence.