Mega Template Pack 2.0

I have realised that there are a few guys new to the world of moviesheets.

So i thought i would repost this…

(Note this was done wayyy back in 2011 so there will be moviesheets developed after this was done, but it should give to plenty to think about :smileyvery-happy: )

Updated to Mega Template Pack 2.0

This is a very big update and the updates are too much to list at the moment.

I will try and get around to listing and crediting everyone in the release.

The reason for the jump to 2.0 is that i finally got around to adding TV Moviesheets as well

I also spent alot of time tidying up the templates to move as much as possible to the common folder, so as to try and reduce the size of the pack.

New TV & Movie Templates include Lstar_Alucard, Extreme, Drizzt09, Pintas, S1l3nc0r, Stefanakos, Taurus35, Rorscach, Firetix, Oxle


More info here:-

Hope this helps someone



Very nice, thanks for sharing it.

Hi Vadir,

Glad you like it…

Hi, Sorry I’m bit of a noob. Could you please confirm which of these templates works with wd live tv hub on the latest firmware? Also, which theme do we install on the hub to get these sheets working? This is the biggest confusion I have. Also, do we continue to rename the png file to jpg? I have only ever used mojo and dark light on fw 2.06. And renamed the png file and got it all working on that fw. Thats the extent to my knowledge so far. But since updated to latest 3.03 thumbnails won’t appear. Would like to use some templates in the pack you have here but not sure all will work with hub or this firmware. If you could please elaborate a little on the above points that would be great. Thanks.


For Backdrops to display in Gallery View … the XML contains a path to a Picture (aka ‘Moviesheet’) that  after a second or two, will display.


The Dark Knight.mkv           (This is your Movie)

The Dark Knight.jpg             (This is the Poster Thumbnail for the Movie)

The Dark Knight.xml            (The Xml must contain the ‘Path’ to your Moviesheet <backdrop>The Dark Knight_sheet.jpg</backdrop>  )

The Dark Knight_sheet.jpg  (The ‘Moviesheet’ )

This Prodcedure works on Firmware  2.06.10  and every version upwards to the Latest 3.03.13

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Thanks Joey. However do all of these templates work with live hub? Also, what theme do I have to install on the live hub to get these templates to work? Ie do I use the dark light theme on the hub, but run thumbgen using say your lstar template so that when I transfer the above files in your post it shows it as per your template? Sorry this is where I get confused most (theme needed vs templates I want to use).

Hi Wdlivetvhub-DM

These templates all work with the live hub as long as you are a theme capable of showing moviesheets…

First thing use thumbgen to create the moviesheet if you have all the correct setting it can create all the necessary files for you.

You can also modify a non moviesheet theme to work with them but that takes a little more work.

What i recommend is find a moviesheet theme you like and follow the instructions in the thread. Hope that helps