Hey guys,

Has anybody here made experiences with installing the MEGA SDK? I’d like to implement a backup solution that regularly loads sensitive data into the cloud.

Since I had bad luck when trying to install packages that I’m not familiar with (bricked my NAS twice), I’m a little afraid of installing the plattform dependencies (dev libraries necessary to build the thing).

That’s why I’m asking: is it safe to just apt-get the dependencies?! Or is it right for me to be afraid :-)?

I suppose nobody has made such experiences here, cause it’s a rather rare usecase. However, I’d be happy to be surprised, when it’s not like that.



Hi there, I have not tried this but lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter.

Most packages are for full blown Linux systems. Do not install those unless you find a very specific one for the device in question.

MBL runs a light version of Debian Lenny.

If interested on building your own packages go here:

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Okay, i see. Debian Lenny … didn’t know that. Thanks for the warning!!!

If anybody knows an alternative way of mounting my Mega Cloud Drive, please let me know.