Meedia Hub stopped detecting remote and Won't load if connected to modem

I have 2 WD live media hubs that I have owned for over 8 years and I thought that I had seen it all.
Until two days ago everything was fine. I have over 400 files in my older unit a 500gb and over 900 files in my newer 1tb unit.
I went to play a movie and the remote wouldn’t work. So, I tried the other unit, same thing. I did all of the rebooting, resetting, changed remotes, changed batteries etc. No go. On top of that, I have only one unit set up on wifi. After resetting that unit got stuck loading. When I disconnected it from the modem it loaded. But still have no remote functions.
After cleaning the remotes, yes I did that also I fooled with the remote a bit more. After about a minute I got the home screen to appear and after few more mintutes of pressing buttons I got the video screen up, but got no further and the screensaver came back. I am at my wit’s end.