MEDION TV folder reading trouble

Maybe has someone the same issue and found a solution.
The smart TV is a MEDION® LIFE® P18060 (MD 31011).
WD mycloud mirror is installed on the main moden and is working fine. All files accessible through a web browser. All functions running well.
The problem is that on the MEDION there are some folders which I cannot see the content AND OTHERS WELL ???
By the way, those files are well seen on another LG smart TV that i am also using, so the problem is not with the WD mycloud mirror. I have tried to convert those (video) files to another format (the same as the files that I can see) but it remains invisible inside the folder. Very strange: why are some files visible and others not ??? Please let me know if uou also have thiq issue. Thanks folks !


Verify that Media Serving/Sharing or DLNA are enabled on your Smart TV.

DLNA is automatically set on the TV (I can see the the logo on the screen) and by the way I can see on the TV the hierarchical folder menu on the WD MY CLOUD mirror identical to the one on my PC. So the DNA function is working. The only (big) problem is that within this hierarchical folder menu I cannot see my files (movies) inside some particular folders BUT IN OTHERS WEL. Let say I have one folder named “series 1” with 5 movies inside:those I can see and play on my TV, and an other folder “series 2” which I can open But cannot see this movies inside although they are present on the WD (I can se it from the web or my PC) That’ s the problem! And media sharing in the menu settings is enable for the main folder (let say that the 2 folders “series 1” and “series2” are subfolders of the main folder “series”). In the settings, Media Sharing is set for the main folder" series" but it is not possible to do that for the subfolders. WD does not allow that. Only the main folder settings are accessible.