Mediaserver? Not seeing it

Just got this unit (HD version) last weekend on a recomendation, and it works great plugged into my TV via HDMI, playback is flawless as it uses videos from my Netgear Stora unit. However, I can’t seem to get the computers in my house to access it on the network. They all see it in network, clicking on the, what I’m supposing is, the mediserver icon opens up a “webpage” actually XML, with doctype declarations in it (, the other network Icon shows a printershare but nothing else.

Have I misunderstood that this unit’s purpose is to provide media playback within my network? Or is something very wrong? Computers in teh house include Win7 Ultimate, Vista Home, XP pro & several flavors of *nix.

Any help would be great.

No, it’s not designed to play files on your network (there are far better options to do that, including some software already installed on your machine) but you can transfer files between the Live and your computer (see page 65 of the manual for full details).