I Got the WD TV Live for Christmas and connected it to my TV the other day.

I got really disappointed when I tried to use Mediafly. The service shuts down March 31, and they have already disabled the ability to create a new account.

The ability to watch video podcasts was one of the primary reasons for getting the WD TV. And the function is advertised on the sales material for the product.

Will WD come up with some kind of replacement service? Or have I just got another fancy black box and remote that I will never use?


Mediafly is working fine in my WD TV Live Streamer. What are you referring to?

Yes. If you have a Mediafly login it will wotk until March 31. But you can’t create a new user account.


Ups. sorry, I look a bit more into this, you are referring to Media’s OnAir service. Yes it will end by March 31. 

Time to call WD, only they can give us a straight answer.

This is a problem that I’m glad to see happen. flingo, mediafly. Having this stuff in firmware is bad business.