Mediafly problems (103.22 prerelease)

UPDATE: * Mediafly has an option to “remove this episode after listening to x%” - this doesn’t seem to be respected in the live’s implementation, it just leaves them there.

* It seems impossible to get rid of channels in “My channels” after they have once been fetched from Mediafly. If I go to the Mediafly website and remove feeds and channels, the 3.22 continues to display them in “Internet Media/Mediafly/My channels” the only sign that they are gone is that the icon now reverts to the Mediafly logo.  Update: Eventually they disapparered - perhaps a buffering situation?

* Mediafly supports channels inside channels (ie folder structure), the 3.22 only accesses the first level.

* If you navigate to “Internet Media/Mediafly/Browse content plug-ins/Search/Add media plug-in via mCode” and enter the code “twit”, the “Twit Netcast Network” channel is added to the Mediafly Dashboard (is that the right place?),

Ie, the dashboard options are now:

TwiT Netcast Network
My Channels
Popular Channels
Browse content plug-ins

There is no apparent way to REMOVE this added channel, neither as an “Option” and navigating to “Internet Media/Mediafly/Browse content plug-ins/Remove Media Plug-in” has no effect.

(and btw, browsing content on Mediafly/Youtube has the description on the left side of the screen - but the font size is very small and hard for me to read, option and info opens a window and displays it, but the font is equally tiny there, and could easily be made bigger for more userfriendlyness)

Oh, and the text displayed says:

“an mCode is used to activate private content source”

Is that really how you wish to put it?

The Edsel was actually one of the best cars ever made – *way* ahead of its time.  The biggest problem was that due to advertising people’s expectations where so high no car could ever hope to live up to it.  Thus unrealistic expectations on the part of the public was what doomed the car to extinction.

Hmmmm – come to think of it, that does indeed describe the Live pretty well.

What a revisionist view of history.

The Edsel was an ugly piece of junk that broke down often.

Actualy what killed the Edsel was a common trend. People were downsizing to smaller cars. Gas prices were up. It was a good idea at a wrong time. It was economics. Funny thing is a couple years later things stabalized and people went back to lager cars. The Edsel was today’s Hummer.

warchild wrote:

What a revisionist view of history.

The Edsel was an ugly piece of junk that broke down often.

Spoken by someone who never owned one (mine was just fine – wish I still had it as it was the best car I ever owned).