Mediafly Playback Locks

I’ve been running into an issue over the last few days and it’s getting really annoying … I’ve got several Revision 3 shows setup as favorites and often when I pause a show for whatever reason (bathroom, phone, food etc) and come back, it will show that there is an ample buffer ahead of the pause and it will play for several seconds to minutes then suddenly toally lock up.

Other times I’ll hit rewind to go back a few seconds to hear something that was said that I wanted to hear again and the stream will lock.

The big issue is that it never recovers and if I re-start the show, regardless of the option to re-start / resume etc, it always ends up starting me at the beginning of the show again.

I haven’t tried this on other video podcasts cause I don’t have much setup in that department but it’s obviously annoying and wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.


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Yep I posted up in the frimware section about it…

Same issues on the resume etc… also.