Mediafly navigation and freezing

First off, I am thankful for the Mediafly feature.  Thank you WD.

However I am having some issues with it.  I cannot figure out how to jump around mediafly videos other than 30 seconds forward at a time.   I cannot  skip to a later part of the video.  Also the WDTV buffers the number of times you’ve hit the fastforward key which can be very annoying waiting for it to catch up.

I cannot get resume to work.

After a time of watching the stream just freezes and I cannot make it start back up again.  This is made particularly annoying by the previous two issues as getting back to the spot where I left off is painful using 30 second jumps.

Update: I was impatient.  Rewind appears to go back 10 seconds.  The display takes longer to update when rewinding.  Also fast forward seems to jump 10 to 20 seconds forward, not 30 as I had previously stated.

Update 2: Problem was encountered using 1.03.49_v.