Media Stutter Issues

Running: Windows 7, 64-bit

External My Book Essential 2TB, connected via USB3.0

I store my media on the My Book. Video files (almost exclusively in mp4 format) play back poorly. They play fine for a few minutes, then freeze while (I’m assuming) the buffer fills back up. Then the video resumes. This does not appear to happen with audio (mp3) files. This happens whether playing the files with Windows Media Player or through iTunes.

When I play the videos through my xBox 360, there doesn’t appear to be the issue.

I looked into replacing the USB 3 cable, but they’re very difficult to find locally (proprietary connector to the HDD).

Thoughts? Ideas?

Have you try to defrag the drive? Also, are you connecting this drive using a USB hub or you are using the USB on the front of the PC?

Connected to the USB 3 port on the back of the computer (connected direct to motherboard).

I’ll make sure to defrag when I get home. It’s somewhat new, so I would have thought it okay. But will try after work.