Media Streaming not showing all folders

I just got a mycloud mirror gen2
I created a share and copied folders with avi, mkv, and mp4 files into that share
I turned on media server for that share and it added many of the files to the database but not all of them
When I connect on my Samsung TV to view the content some folders are just missing.
For Example
The share is called Videos
in that share there are folders, say 01 02 03 04 etc at each folder has 4-6 media files in it.
I see 03 and 04 but not 01 or 02.
I can browse the NAS as a windows share and all the files and folders exist and I can play them in windows using it as a normal share, but they are not being presented to my TV or other media player devices that recognize the media server.
I have an old d-link NAS which this is replacing and the media server on their displays them on my tv and I can play them, so not sure why the WD is not since it is also 5 year newer technology.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

Maybe the new database is not all cataloged. If you added lots of files, be sure the My Cloud is finished (dormant) then reboot the My Cloud, and the files will all show up when booting up is done.

I left it overnight so it had plenty of time, just now rebooted as you suggested and still the same results