Media Streaming MyBookLive to WDTV live

Has anyone been successful in streaming media from a MyBookLive to a WDTV Live? I can see network shares and play the files but when trying to use DNLA to play the files from my MyBookLive, I get “no shared media found”. The MyBookLive is new with the latest firmware and according to the Twonky UI working and streaming the media. The WDTV Live apparently cant see the media being streamed… thanks for any helps Barry

Barrygreybeard… I have the same setup.  Besides activating Twonky, each share has to have “Media Sharing”  as video… cj

Edit: Having had a good nights sleep I decided to start again. I deleted the default active shares from the MBL and established some new ones. duh now it streams to the WDTV Live… Plug and almost play…


ah good! according to the twonky interface it is streaming the files and I can check this by using WMP12 on my windows 7 PC, it sees the Tonky files on mybook but the WDTV Live does not. Which firmware have you on your WDTV? I have stuck with 1.04.22_V as it works for me. I dont seen anything in the newer firmwares that affect WDTVs ability as a DNLA player but maybe there is but its not mentioned?

I dont want to install another formware unless I really have to.